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Too much anger?

Fuck Toll Gate for saying they would send out the schedules when they clearly didn't. And who cares if they come in the day before the fresmen go back? There would only be 2 days before we got them in school anyway.

EDiT: I forgot! I got a job at the Halloween store and I thought I'd be royally fucked because it said something about a drug test on the application, but I couldn't be like mom I can't apply I won't pass the drug test, so I just took my application back and hoped for the best .I walked in and there were a bunch of guys fooling around and they got the manager for me, so I guess the job will be a fun 2 months. I handed the guy the application and he looked it over and said "welcome aboard!" I was like holy shit I'm so lucky I didn't have to take the god damn drug test. Oh yeah and I went home a dyed my hair with that colored mousse becuase it does no damage and it comes out in 8-10 washes so I can do as many colors as I want. ok bye
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you should join deviouscunts and they are still auto accepting, 11 spots left and I know you'll fit in great