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So, I'm going to New York City with Heath today. I'm so fucking excited.

Anyways. I miss seeing Kayla all the time. We're not in any of the same classes and it's like impossible to talk to her. I'm trying as hard as I can not to drift away from her like I do with most of my friends.

Other than that, my classes are pretty good. Forensics, I have Kyle, Rob, Steph, and Corey. In History I have Mikayla, Jake, and Billy. Then in art I have Kevin, Mike Farrow, and Jake. And in English Brian, Veronica, and Nicole are in it. In Chemistry, I have Erika, Danielle, Ryan, Eddy, Kyle, Ryan, and I think that's it. In Math I have Justin, Larissa, Jake, John, and Kara. In gym, I have Kara, Nick, Joe, and Mike F.

Ben isn't in any of my classes and I'm pretty pissed. I have good teachers and my classes in general don't suck that bad.

My cat is standing in my doorway. She's so creepy. Shes always like under my bed with her ass sticking out. I love her (I'm talking about Titan by the way)

8 months niggas....
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