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Civilized is close but way too far

I went to the mall with Heath last night and we pretty much stayed in the same 5 stores, (Pac Sun, Hot Topic, Newbury Comics, the Book Store, and Spencers). I have so much money in gift cards towards the mall, but I couldn't find anything I liked. At Newbury Comics, I got a pack of 3 iPod skins, a Black Sabbath shirt, and I got Heath some incense. I spent almost all of the gift cards that I had to there, so I'm thinking I left some things out (my short term memory has been shot, R.I.P). Then at Spencers I bought hemp lip gloss (to go along with my shampoo, conditioner, and lotion haha), and a book that Heath talked me into getting. After that me and Heath went to the book store to get a dream book that we couldn't find. We were looking in the metaphysical section, which is where it should have been, but all of the other books seemed interesting. I wish Toll Gate offered a class on that shit. It's like psychic things. Wicked Cool. Today I was supposed to go surfing, but for the past three days my lungs have been sore, but I know what my mom will say if I told her. She'll be like it's all that pot you smoke, blah blah blah. She uses any excuse to yell at me for smoking. I know that it's not because I smoke because I had this kinda feeling last year before I smoked as much as I do now. It was right after I got surgery. I'll just wait it out.
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